'Design the most beautiful house on the street’ said the client for Villa CG. A tall order, perhaps, as the neighbors are all one-off villas created for private clients by prominent offices like SeARCH, Bolles + Wilson and Erick van Egeraat. But Powerhouse Company could not resist the challenge. The design lives up to the owners’ ambitions by relying on perfect symmetry and a delicate balance between closed and open volumes. By framing a solid brick cube between two diaphanous glass wings and sheltering all three volumes beneath a white canopy, an unexpectedly high-contrast, yet harmonious, visual experience was created. The villa’s closed front façade was realized in beautiful long and narrow Wasserstrich bricks, their color carefully chosen to harmonize with the walnut wood of the interior. This brick cube shields the inhabitants from the street and is flanked by transparent and frameless glass bays, anticipating the openness of the rear garden side of the house. A white stucco canopy, supported by slender columns, unifies the design, adds to the horizontal dynamic and creates an intermediate zone that blurs indoors and outdoors. From the street, attention focuses on the customized front door, with its strong geometric design in tombac. 

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