The design main strategy of the Çanakkale Antenna Tower by IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company is to separate the visitors center from the antenna tower. In this way, it eliminates any radiation hazard for the visitors and the workers at the visitors center. The design resolves in this way the paradox of the brief program demands by uniting all the different functions into one spatial gesture. The antenna tower is formed by joining the two vertical paths, creating a gracious gateway under which the visitors enter the premises. This gesture creates a strong visual identity from afar that is transformed into an elaborate scenic experience when up close. An open air path is placed at each footing of the antenna tower and follows the perimeter of the site gradually detaching from the ground, liberating the space on the hilltop and allowing the forest to complete itself into a continuous and uninterrupted landscape. The visitors center is located at the tip of the site offering views of the Dardanelles.

Architecture: IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company Client: Canakkale Government + Ministry of Communication & Transport
Structure advice: ABT + INTAC
Landscape: Hugo Sanchez Paisaje + Entorno Taller de Paisaje + LOOP Design 

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