The new residential building by JCR Architecten on ‘De Veentjes’ is a park building, a building that unfolds on all sides with its terraces towards the park and the city. The building gives a whole new dimension to the environment by creating new connections and giving the streets a new lease of life. The building has an open character because of the surrounding terraces and the large glass fronts.

A concrete plinth is shaping the terraces for the ground floor. The floor above is an open construction with a horizontal character. The volume has been opened up to the park and there is room for a roof terrace that gives the residents a special view of the park. The building makes a gesture towards the park.

The greenery of the park continues around the building and the building is designed as a large veranda with vegetation in various places. This makes the building not only energy efficient and sustainable in use, but also an urban repair. The aim is to give a strong impulse to the whole area.

The two entrances open onto the atrium where the galleries are located and daylight enters deep. 

The building derives its strength from the clear structure, the use of pure and beautiful materials and the green character due to the vegetation in and around the building.

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