Koivistokade offices by Marc Koehler Architects is an open plan multi-tenant office building designed around a spacious circulation and facility core, a shared space on the ground-floor and roof-terrace.The generous cantilevered balconies with integrated planters promote outdoor meetings and breaks, provide shading, prevent blinding, reduce traffic noise and optimize views over the harbor. Each level has specific features, accommodating different types of tenants reflected with a different type of glass. The raw quality of space, high ceilings and deep undivided floorplans create a future-proof work environment that can be tailored, subdivided and easily adapted in layout but also program and zoning over time. Designed as an open building - built as a modular, prefab concrete skeleton - it adapts to the evolving needs of this upcoming neighborhood in transition from an industrial harbor and office park now, to a mixed use residential area in 10 years. For example by adding 3 extra levels on top or by adapting the work spaces into residential lofts with generous balconies. 

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